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The Wedding Aisle

the Farmhouse

The Farmhouse, built in 1920, has been recently restored to all its glory and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Complete with a new, modern kitchen, six bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, original hardwood flooring and a spattering of antiques (some original), the 4,200 sq. ft. Farmhouse can accommodate 13 people overnight. We even have a baby bed in one of the bedrooms, so it’s 13 plus 1. The front porch and lawn is perfect for a small wedding of 30 – 50 people. Chairs can be rented locally for a minimal fee. The southern charm of the front porch & even the back porch calls for iced tea or mint juleps!

The large entry, dining room and sitting room in the Farmhouse easily accommodates enough people for a gathering of 30 – 50, maybe a bit more. Ideal for parties, showers or gatherings & receptions.  

On the meadow and hillside behind the Farmhouse, is a fabulous outdoor space for weddings, we call the Harris Hillside. Currently, we have a tall wooden arch for the altar, perfect for chiffon or flowers. A covered open-air space with flagstone flooring is planned for 2024, as we’re constantly doing more and more renovations. Church pews are available for rental, which can easily seat between 100 – 125 for $500. (Some of them are quite big and heavy, so they’re difficult to move.) Chairs can be rented locally at a minimal cost per chair. In this outdoor space, just off the back porch of the Farmhouse, couples and attendants can easily gather inside before privately walking out and down the aisle.

Also located behind the Farmhouse is a 100-year-old Black Walnut tree with gorgeous low sprawling branches that is perfect for small weddings of 25 or less. Available Monday through Thursday for $500. We even drape chiffon across the tree branches. If you are planning an elopement, this is an ideal spot. And, Beth Dutton would surely approve! Just don’t kidnap the minister!

The Farmhouse and Dairy Barn rental is for 22 hours and typically runs 10:30 AM on one day until 8:30 AM the next day. $2,100* (this includes accommodations for 15 and the Dairy Barn). For an additional night, there is a greatly discounted rate of $900,* so it becomes $3,000* for 2 nights. Keep in mind, Mrs. Mary’s House also accommodates 8 more people for a separate fee.

Other Farmhouse pricing options: Monday through Thursday only - $800* for 8 hours or $500 for 4 hours (inside for changing/reception). Or, nightly (without Dairy Barn) for $550* (2-night minimum) plus $275 cleaning fee.

*10% discount to active duty military and Veterans.

*10% discount to those, age 60 & over

Mrs. Mary’s House pricing option: $300 nightly and 2-night minimum with $200 cleaning fee.

Mrs. Mary’s House can be rented, along with outdoor Black Walnut Tree elopement ($500), Monday through Thursday, for 4 hours at $300. This provides a great place for changing, makeup & hair, and a small reception. Visit elopement.

For more details, or to schedule a tour, call 870-866-7556.

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