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Mrs. Mary's House

The original part of this 4-bedroom house was built in the late 1920s, but later additions happened in the mid 1960s. Mrs. Mary’s House and 11 acres is located across the street from the Farmhouse and Dairy Barn. Mrs. Mary’s House can accommodate 8 people comfortably and is set up for the guys. However, girls like it very much, too! This house features twin beds in each bedroom and a pool table for loads of enjoyment. The large back patio includes a sizeable fire pit and seating for 20, along with a nice serving table for hors d’ oeuvres and good cookin’ and a charcoal grill to make it all happen.

Behind Mrs. Mary’s House, you’ll find our most important members of Humphrey’s Dairy Farm – our miniature horses, miniature cows, goats and their super cute babies. Willie, our great Pyrenees mountain dog, keeps watch over our precious stock. Check out our birthday party section for more about our farm animals! 

Mrs. Mary’s House: $300 plus $200 cleaning fee*

*2-night minimum

Contact us

The Farmhouse and Dairy Barn are located at 1675 Shady Grove Rd., Hot Springs, AR 71913.

Mrs. Mary’s House is located at 1670 Shady Grove Rd., Hot Springs, AR 71913 and is directly across the street.

501-547-2342 or email:

Tours are available nearly anytime, provided there is not a private event.

Call or email for more details or to discuss booking your event with us.

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